NFL Draft and Career Preparation

After the conclusion of the collegiate season, all post season activities in which you participate will have a direct effect on your NFL Draft status and positional rankings. Following a proven algorithm for success, we strive to ensure that you are fully prepared for all things related to enhancing your NFL Draft status Collegiate All-Star Games, the NFL Combine, Collegiate Pro Day Workouts, and NFL Team-specific workouts and interviews.

To ensure that you maximize your physical and mental potential, we employ only the most respected and recognized training facilities with professionals that will work tirelessly to differentiate you from the rest of the competition. Located throughout the southeast, as well as the nation, these training facilities offer unique services that will greatly assist you as you prepare to enter the NFL. In addition to employing facilities that will enhance your physical attributes, you will work closely with successful NFL veterans who have witnessed what it takes to excel at the highest level of competition. NFL Draft and Career services include, but are not limited to the following:

Combine-Specific Training
  • Drill Preparation (40 yard-dash, 3-cone drill, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, Long and Short Shuttle, and Bench Press)
  • Position Specific Coaching
  • Wonderlic Training and Analysis
  • Media Training
  • NFL General Managers/Coaches Interview Preparation
  • Position specific coaching with current and former NFL players to ensure a smooth transition into the NFL.
Contract Negotiation

Working directly with top management, Butch Williams obtains the maximum commitment to each client in regards to salary, benefits, and contract provisions.  Following a proven method, Mr. Williams achieves these goals by:

  • Stressing the athlete’s on-field strengths: utilizing previous playing data and accolades as a negotiation tool.
  • Emphasizing the athlete’s off-field strengths, such as academic achievements, civic achievements, and charitable commitments.
  • Comparing the client to former and current athletes in their respective industries, ensuring that the client receives no less than fair-market value for their services.
  • Proven and successful methods that maximize s clients respective salary, benefits, and other contractual provisions.
  • Extensive research of existing contracts as well as players and position specific data that will ensure compensation at or above the NFL market value.
  • Representation in all NFL Grievances, Hearings and Appeals.
Performance Training
  • Individualized Nutrition
  • Soft-Tissue Massage
  • Chiropractic Services
  • On-Site Meal Services
  • Full Rehab
  • Cold/Hot Tubs for Regeneration
Financial Planning, Insurance, Investments, Legal and Tax Matters

With over 30 years of expertise in the above matters, Mr. Williams understands that there is more to the professional industry than just a contract.  In all of the above areas, Mr. Williams:

  • Evaluates his client’s financial condition and works to establish a plan to ensure the minimal use of present and future earnings.
  • Meticulous review of Financial Managers in order to provide a beneficial relationship for the client.
  • Working with outside insurance companies to provide client-specific plans.
  • A thorough review of investment recommendations and proposals to build a strong investment proposal for the client, using research from investment banking and brokerage firms.
  • Meaningful and competent legal advice in all areas of the law allowing for each client to have the utmost in legal service.
Endorsements, Marketing, and Public appearance
  • Personalized marketing strategies with Corporate Partners to maximize client earning potential.
  • Local, Regional, and National Marketing campaigns.
  • Establishment of Charitable Foundations for the purpose of benefiting the community.

Client Testimonials