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With over 30 years of service to the state of North Carolina, James D. “Butch” Williams has built a legal practice and a Sports Representation Firm that has thrived at the highest level. Mr. Williams received his B.S. in Political Science from North Carolina Central University in 1976 and his JD from the same institution in 1979.

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James D. (Butch) Williams - The Law Offices of James D. Williams
James D. (Butch) Williams

Athlete Management

Since his first client in 1987, Mr. Williams has built a practice that is predicated upon successful principles that maximize the relationship between the player and agent. Representing a client base with 17 NFL Pro Bowl invitations and two top-ten draft picks in the NFL and NBA, Butch works tirelessly to maximize the marketability as well as the image of all his clients.
Athlete Management
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Keep up with the latest news and information from the Law Offices of James D. Williams with this blog, written by staff members.

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Media Coverage

From the Michael Vick dogfighting case, to the Duke lacrosse case, to the UNC academic scandal, the Law Offices of James D. Williams is no stranger to high-profile cases. If you need an attorney that isn’t intimidated by the spotlight, look no further.

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We are members of many professional associations in both sports representation and law. In addition, the Law Offices of James D. Williams has received accolades for our accomplishments from a number of sources.

Criminal Defense

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Finding yourself charged with Driving While Impaired (DWI), known as a DUI (in some states outside of North Carolina), is a frightening reality.
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Having a charge on your record for the rest of your life has collateral consequences that can make your life difficult.
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Federal Criminal Defense

If you’re being charged in federal court, you will need assistance.
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While you may think being charged with a felony is not a serious matter, it is.
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